Why Using Fresh Ingredients Is Better

Lean & Tasty takes pride in delivering pre-made meals in San Diego that are prepared every day with fresh ingredients. You probably know using fresh ingredients is better than using processed ingredients. However, the whole scope covering the importance of using fresh ingredients might surprise you.
Below, we will go over some of the reasons why fresh ingredients are important in food preparation.

1. Higher Nutritional Value
Their higher nutritional value makes fresh ingredients better than processed ingredients. This is true for most forms of food ingredients including fruits, meats, and vegetables. They are rich in different nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, but are also prone to decay. This is because of their natural aging and action of microorganisms which can alter the chemical composition of both micro and macronutrients of food ingredients.
Apart from some spices which stay good for long periods, most of the commonly used ingredients in food preparation go stale rather quickly. These include but not limited to tomatoes, garlic, basil, and cheese. Therefore, it is important that they are used as fresh as possible to get the best nutrients out of them.

2. Better Taste
This one probably needs no mention because almost everybody would agree that fresh ingredients taste better. Fresh vegetables are crisp and have a crunchy texture, but take no time before they turn limp, soggy, and tasteless.
Fresh foods also taste better than canned and frozen foods. This is because canned foods are first boiled to sterilize and that gives them longer shelf life and that changes their texture and taste. The addition of preservatives and additives also makes them lose their natural taste.
Frozen foods can retain their taste to a certain extent if they are frozen as soon as possible. However, the ice crystals can also alter the food texture and lead to changed taste. However, it can be said that frozen foods can come a close second to fresh foods when it comes to retaining nutrients and taste.

3. Can Save You Money
Using fresh fruits and vegetables means you are using them in the season. Therefore, more than likely, they are going to be cheaper than canned or frozen foods that have reached you after being processed and that means higher cost.
Moreover, fresh ingredients are also unlikely to give you any health issues. This further saves you any expenses on doctor visits and medicines that are more likely to arise after consuming processed foods.

4. Free of Additives and Preservatives
As hinted above, canned and processed foods do have various additives and preservatives which are used to preserve the texture, appearance, and flavor of the food. They also work to increase the shelf life of these food items.
However, various studies have found food additives and preservatives to cause a variety of health concerns. They can essentially lead to health issues such as diabetes, obesity, hormonal disturbances, and cancer. Some of the commonly used food additives include Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), sodium nitrite, guar gum, high-fructose corn syrup, and carrageenan. Some of them can even cause harmful neurological effects and growth and development issues.
Therefore, it is vital that you read the labels of any canned and processed foods and avoid these and other additives and preservatives. Or you can do even better and try and use fresh ingredients

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