Top 5 Keto Mistakes To Avoid

In simple terms, a keto diet refers to reducing your carb intake and increasing fats in your diet. This leads your body to consume its stored fats as the main source of energy and this in turn results in weight loss without actually starving. Keto diet has many benefits ranging from reducing your appetite to in fact reversing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and it is massively popular for a reason.

However, despite countless keto plans only a Google search away, many people struggle with their keto diets and the dos and don’ts of it. In this piece, we discuss the top 5 keto mistakes to avoid in your keto diet to make it more effective. So, let’s get started.

1. Consuming Too Much Dairy

Dairy is arguably the trickiest food source in the keto diet. Dairy products are generally fat-rich and anybody can fool themselves into believing that they can have all the butter, cheese, and cream they want. But, like most things, not all dairy is equal and keto is certainly not a path filled with ice-cream leading to a dream body and health.

If the dairy you are consuming has carbs coming from lactose and has plenty of added sugar, my friend you are doomed. Therefore, consuming too much dairy in the form of carb-rich dairies like flavored milk or ice-cream is certainly a mistake to avoid. Instead, you need to go with things like cheese and plain milk, and that too in conservative amounts.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation has been liked to higher sugar cravings and stress levels. It has been found that a sleepless night is more likely to make you reach for junk food in the form of a pizza than a more healthy food choice. Stress can also set our bodies into fat-storing modes.

Therefore, if you want the best result and an easy ride with your keto diet do get good sleep.

3. Eating Wrong Fats

The license to consume fats while on a keto diet does not mean that you can consume fats in every form. Processed vegetable oils in foods such as margarine, mayonnaise, and cookies are some of the worst fats you can eat while on a keto diet. These fats are also called trans-fats. However, the good news is that the FDA has worked to gradually remove these fats from processed foods.

The intention should be to eat the RIGHT fats such as animal fats and monosaturated fats in the form of nuts, avocado, canola oil, olive oil, etc.

4. Not Counting Calories

Look, it all looks plain and simple of having high-fat foods and eating your way to a healthy lifestyle. But, one basic principle which still applies is that you ought to eat fewer calories than you burn. Yes, keto diets increase your metabolism and increase the number of calories your burn, but what if you end up eating 4000 calories per day and burn only 2000.

Thus, avoid the mistake of not keep a count on your calories. You still have to hit a negative calorie balance for you to lose weight.

5. Too Much Snacking

Keto diets are generally satiating and should keep you full during the day. But, it is hard to find such perfect fats and people resort to snacking. Too much snacking can lead to increased caloric intake and this can prevent your body from going into that stored-fat burning process a keto diet is supposed to do.

Therefore, you need to avoid too much snacking while on your keto diet.

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