The 5 Best Meal Delivery Services in San Diego

We get it. Life is crazy! You try to balance all of your responsibilities, along with your family’s jam-packed schedule.

Something has got to give and, unfortunately, healthy meals and meal prep is usually the first to go. Many companies offer meal prep in San Diego that can take one more item off your to-do list.

Meal Prep San Diego Options

Avoid all the hassle of cooking a meal and instead have it ready for you! Here are the five best meal delivery services in the San Diego area.

Lean & Tasty

Lean & Tasty offers “the healthiest, freshest foods with the least amount of additives and the most amount of flavor.” Their chef-prepared meals cater to many dietary needs, including:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Nutrient-dense meals
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • KETO/Low Carb

With Lean & Tasty, meal prep in San Diego is a breeze. For the health-conscious, Lean & Tasty offers meal selections to meet your goals and tastes. While their menu rotates every two weeks to keep your deliveries fresh and exciting, they have standard categories you can order from. These include vegan meals, salad and snacks, balanced meals, chef specialties, and workout meals.

Perhaps you want to meal prep on your own but don’t have the time to gather fresh ingredients? Lean & Tasty has your back! You can also order ingredients by the pound.


Healthy Gourmet Lunch Plan- This includes 20 meals a month (five each week) at $8.20 a meal.

Chef-prepared Lunch & Dinner Plan- This meal prep plan comes at $8.03 a meal with 28 meals in two weeks (14 meals each week).

Ultimate Savings Plan- This plan is just $6.69 per meal, with 56 meals prepped for you each month! Like the Lunch & Dinner plan, you will get 14 meals a week.

Depending on the plan you choose, delivery will occur once or twice a week, but it is free with all plans.

Find out more about Lean & Tasty at


SoCalFRESH provides its customers with meals that “cater to your dietary needs with the best farm-fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.” They cater to several dietary needs, including:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • SoCal30

Their weekly menus rotate, showcasing new delicious meal creations along with bringing back old favorites. For those with a sweet tooth, they even offer deserts!

All food comes pre-cooked, so you will only need to heat it up when mealtime comes.


Your Choice- Flexible ordering with build-your-own options. Price starts at $70 a week.

Chef’s Choice- The SoCalFRESH chef will choose your meals while you choose from lifestyle and quantity options. Prices start at $67 each week.

Both plans are weekly plans.

Find out more at

One Potato

One Potato is meal prep in San Diego made easy! Regardless of your family size or how many kids you may have, they have a plan and portion for everyone.

At One Potato, they celebrate the positive impact that family meals have on children. They strive to provide “a simple pathway to the rewards of family dinner.”

One Potato is the perfect meal delivery service if you still want the satisfaction of preparing a home-cooked meal. Their farm-fresh, organic, non-GMO seasonal produce and other ingredients are shipped to your door along with a recipe card. The pre-chopped and pre-measured ingredients come together into a healthy meal in 30 minutes or less!

Keeping special dietary restrictions in mind, One Potato offers vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free meals.


Two Potato- Two servings a night, perfect for two adults or an adult and 1-2 small children. This starts at $59.79 a week, plus shipping.

Three Potato- Three servings a night for two adults and a small child or one adult and one-two smaller children. Prices start at $68.79 a week plus shipping.

Four Potato- Family style plan perfect for two adults and two small children. This plan starts at $77.79 a week with four servings a night.

More plans are available. Find out more at

Michaela’s Meals

At Michaela’s Meals, they pride themselves on providing you “with healthy and fitness-minded meal delivery that provides the freshest season vegetables and responsibly sourced protein available.”

All of their meals are organic, free of GMOs, and gluten-free. The Michaela’s Meals menu rotates every week with at least 15 different meals to choose from. They also can customize your meals to comply with paleo, Keto, and vegetarian needs.


Green Plan- This is for a one time purchase, perfect if you want to try them out. Prices vary from $70.00 a week for five meals to $175.00 a week for 14 meals.

Blue Plan- The blue plan is its subscription package that allows you to save up to 15%. Prices start at $65.00 a week for five meals and go up to $155.00 for 14 meals. For more information, check them out at

Food Made Fresh

Food Made Fresh’s mission revolves around using locally sourced ingredients in their balanced and nutritious meals. Their goal is to provide you “with the fuel you need to tackle your dreams.”

Meals provided by Food Made Fresh are non-GMO and the meats are hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks- Food Made Fresh has it all.


There is a minimum order of $35, and delivery is $9. You can choose both the food you want and the portion size.

All of their information can be found at

Meal Prep in San Diego Made Easy

Regardless of your budget, family size, dietary needs, or tastes, there is a meal delivery and meal prep in San Diego for you! With all of the delicious and healthy options, you will never need to settle for the unhealthy food at the drive-thru.

If you’re still searching for the right meal delivery service for you and your family, contact us today for more information.