How Does Home Meal Prep Delivery Service Work

Meal prep delivery services have seen enormous growth ever since their first introduction. Although people have been meal prepping at home for many years, these services provide so many benefits that the growth has continued in many parts of the country. Meal prep delivery allows you to save time, allows you to explore different recipes within the comfort of your home, and we are also seeing that it can actually save you money. Above all, there are professionals such as chefs and nutritionists working with these services who can make recipes specific to your needs.


Types of Meal Prep Delivery Services

There are two main types of meal prep delivery services and a company may offer you both or one of these two.

1. Meal Kit Delivery

Meal kit delivery delivers all of the raw ingredients chopped and prepped with cooking instructions you need to cook a meal at home. This is basically for someone who wants a fresh and hot meal cooked at home, but wants to save time on all the chopping and prepping.

2. Full Meal Delivery

Meal delivery offers fully prepared meals to your doorstep. These meals just need to be heated and they are ready to go. Many services also offer salads and other foods that are packaged and ready to go. You can use this service for one day or can have the meal prep service deliver you a week’s worth of meals.

Lean & Tasty is one such service that delivers prepared meals in San Diego.

How A Meal Prep Delivery Service Works

A meal prep delivery service works in the following steps:

1. Customer Goes Online and Chooses Meals

Different meal prep services offer different kinds of meals. They provide their sample menus online and these include all the different types of cuisines they offer. You can also look for the fact if the menu changes biweekly or monthly. Some services have pre-set menus for different people according to their diet plans.

For example, at Lean & Tasty, our menu includes meal plans such as balanced meals that change every two weeks and include a variety of meals. We also have vegan meals and workout meals among others.

So, in this first step, the customer goes to the online menu of delivery service and chooses what he/she would like delivered.

2. Order Received and Meals Prepared

In this step, the delivery company gets the order with all the different preferences. Usually, companies tend to set up a deadline for orders to be placed if they are needed to be delivered before a certain day/time. This is because meal prepping involves meals prepared and delivered in batches and this gives the companies the time they need to deliver these batches. If meal preparation is from a trusted company they would be open about the conditions and ingredients they use. At Lean & Tasty, we use gluten-free, GMO-free, and antibiotic-free ingredients and utilize the bare minimum amounts of preservatives.

3. Doorstep Delivery

After the meals are prepared, they are delivered to the customer’s doorstep. If it is a weekly delivery, it usually happens on the weekend. They are usually delivered in airtight containers and this keeps the meals fresh and tasting good even after around a week’s fridge storage.

There you go, that’s how a home meal prep delivery service works.

If you are looking for the best meal prep delivery in San Diego, look no further than Lean & Tasty.