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Sadly, the USA is regarded as one of the top countries in the world when it comes to overweight and obesity problems. In California alone, for instance, the Center for Disease Control notes that over 25% of adults are obese. Conversely, more than 35% have also been recorded as overweight. These numbers are alarming and, ultimately, one of the many factors that made us decide to act and inspire people to improve their lives.

In today’s fast-paced and busy world, getting the right amount of nutrients and staying healthy are not easy tasks, but here at Lean and Tasty, a premier San Diego meal prep company, we understand these personal sentiments clearly. We also understand that finding a meal prep company in San Diego can be difficult. That’s why our company is not only committed to providing you the best meal prep service in San Diego, but we’re also dedicated to making sure you learn and understand all the necessary information that you may need about food, nutrition, a proper diet, and exercise.
Lean and Tasty prides itself as an excellent meal prep company in San Diego. As such, allow us to guide you on this crucial journey towards changing and elevating your life, starting now.

What Is Meal Prepping or a Meal Prep Service?
Meal prepping is essentially the process of planning and preparing your meals at home using a carefully-planned and calculated method that best ensures you get all the right vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Additionally, meal prepping also means preparing these meals for availability for a set period of time—usually a week. These preparations will typically involve packing the meals into microwavable containers or recyclable plastics, among other things.

What Kind of Services Do You Offer?
Here at Lean and Tasty, we understand that each and every individual is unique and, as such, putting customers on categorical diets or meal plans can be both ideal and also dangerous. This is why our meal preparation service usually begins with proper consultation and assessment. Our experienced team will look into your lifestyle, preferences, and physiological well-being in order to better understand which customized meal preparation program is best for you.

In addition, we also provide adequate and professional monitoring services for ongoing customers. This means checking to see if the customer is following the program and, if not, providing the necessary inspirational push to help them get back on track and see it through.
Finally, we’re also capable of providing customers with the necessary information and education regarding food nutrition, proper diet lifestyles, and diet trends. Think of us as your healthy, supportive friend!

Why Should I Choose You?
Lean and Tasty is a San Diego meal prep company that is committed to making sure that you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle without the financial, emotional, and mental stress that is normally associated with it. To learn more about our values and products, contact us or visit our website. We cannot wait to hear from you!