Mindset for Healthy Eating In Holidays

Mindset for Healthy Eating In Holidays

We are officially in the holiday season and who does not love holidays. However, admit it, even somebody, who is not working on health, wellness, or weight loss goals, can feel a bit stressed during holidays. There is a lot of partying and socializing, and cookies, desserts, and wines are everywhere. So, how can we create a mindset that we don’t end up feeling guilty or ashamed around our food choices and we don’t overdo it.

In this piece, we are going to share some tips to help you create a healthy mindset around food throughout the holiday season.

1. Don’t Aim for Perfection

All or nothing thinking never works. It is a strategy that is prone to failure, especially in the holiday season. So, don’t go into the holidays with stringent rules and lofty goals for yourself. There is nothing wrong with setting up goals for yourself, but just make sure that you are doing it in a realistic way. You should create a plan that is not going to leave you feeling restricted and deprived.

This mindset will not only help you feel more empowered around your food choices, but you will also be less likely to overindulge or have a binge breakdown. Simply put, you should go into the holidays and set a goal for yourself, but don’t be too lofty and too restricted about it.

2. Remember the Pleasure Principle

The sole purpose of most holiday foods is to provide pleasure. We don’t eat them for their nutritional content, but because they taste good and often times because somebody we love made that food. When you are eating these pleasure foods, your job is to receive pleasure and you can’t do that if you are feeling guilty in your head.

Let’s put it this way when you take pleasure the priority it becomes difficult to overeat because overeating is not pleasurable.

3. Enjoy What You Enjoy and Leave the Rest

In holidays, there is an abundance of food, from appetizers to cocktails and desserts. In this case, what you should really do is to choose the food that you really want to eat and leave the rest behind. Don’t eat everything just because it is there.

4. Practice Forgiveness

Even with the best of intentions, we are all human beings, and sometimes no matter what we try to do friends and family and wine and cookies win. We are all going to have those days, we all have those moments and for that, you have to say, “Can’t it just be okay”. In these situations, you have to give a little bit of grace to yourself and you have to forgive yourself for whatever you ate or whatever did.

This is because when we don’t do this and we slip into that mentality of being hard on ourselves, that keeps us stuck and perpetuating the same bad habits. So, holidays or not, if you want to have a more loving relationship with yourself and food forgiveness is an ongoing practice.

In the end, remember that ultimately holidays are just a blip on the screen when you zoom out and look at the entire year. So, don’t overstress and miss on the holidays because you are too busy obsessing about your food.

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