Hungry and Healthy: How to Order the Healthiest Meal Delivery Services

It’s been a long day at work, and by the time you get home, the last thing you want to do is figure out what to cook for your family.

You know you should be eating at home, but you don’t have time or energy to figure out what to make with the ingredients in your fridge. What if you could come home to meals that were ready to eat and were nutritious and delicious?

That’s exactly what meal delivery services can provide you. These services send healthy meals straight to your door to make your life easier and healthier. Read on to learn how to find the healthiest meal delivery services in your area.

What Is a Meal Delivery Service?

A meal delivery service is a little bit like having your own personal chef in your kitchen twice a week. These services employ trained professionals who craft specialty meals for you and your family with healthy local ingredients. They take all the hassle out of figuring out how to cook delicious specialty meals.

Most meal delivery services use local ingredients and cuisines to craft nutritious meals based on what’s in season. They make it easy to try different foods without having to figure out what you’re supposed to do with saffron. And you won’t have a ton of leftover ingredients that you’ll never use again sitting in your pantry.

How They Work

How each meal delivery service works will vary by company. Most of the time, they’ll deliver food to your house once or twice a week. You can peruse a menu, pick which meals you want, and which days you want the delivery.

You may need to decide by a certain day of the week whether you want the delivery on certain days. You won’t be locked in to any day, so if your family is on vacation, you won’t be stuck with meals you don’t need.

Save Time

One of the huge benefits of meal delivery services is that you don’t have to spend time cooking. So if you get home at 5:30, you can have dinner on the table by immediately, be cleaned up by 7, and have time to relax at home with your family before bed. And that’s saying nothing of the time saved on figuring out what to eat and grocery shopping.

Let’s run a quick exercise here: if you’re really on your game, on Saturday or Sunday night, you might sit down and spend an hour or so looking up recipes and figuring out new healthy meals that your family will eat for the week. During that hour, you’ll put together a list of ingredients you need, and then you’ll need to spend another hour buying those ingredients (most of which you’ll have tons of leftovers on) at the store. You may spend an hour figuring out how to cook the recipe, measuring and chopping and preparing the ingredients, putting you at a three-hour total on dinner.

With meal delivery services, all that hassle is taken out; the menu is set for you, and everything is ready to go. You just eat and spend time enjoying your family.

Explore New Cuisines

Many of us have a vague idea that we’d like to try making different food for our family. We figure out a few core recipes that work and wind up eating the same six meals every week. There’s no diversity in cuisine, and although we’d like to think we could add in some new meals, it’s hard to find those recipes and figure out how to cook them.

Meal delivery services take care of the figuring for you. Their chefs use a huge range of cuisines to develop their recipes and make trying from those cultures easier than ever. They also include ingredients you might not be able to find at your local grocery store, depending on where you live.

Eat Healthier

Many restaurant meals come loaded down with a ton of butter, salt, and other fatty fillers. These do make for delicious food, but it isn’t very healthy. The chefs who prepare meal delivery services don’t rely on shortcuts like that to make their food delicious.

Instead, when you use a meal delivery service, you can rest assured that your family is getting meals that are healthier than even what you might cook at home. They know how to prepare vegetables and meat without using tons of oil or salt and still have them taste delicious. And by using fresh ingredients, they make sure your family gets the nutrients they need.

What to Look For

When you’re picking a meal delivery service, you want to look for high-quality fresh ingredients that cover a variety of cuisines. The best services focus on environmentally friendly farms and delivery services to minimize their carbon footprint.

The other factor you’ll want to keep in mind when picking your meal kit delivery service is the price. Meal delivery services can actually save you some money since you won’t be buying a ton of extra ingredients. Most meals run less than $10 a serving, which is less than you’d spend at a restaurant, too.

Where to Find Them

One great place to start looking for meal delivery services is in your area. Your local farmer’s market may offer a box of fresh food every week, along with a few recipe recommendations. Or you may have a full-blown local delivery service that uses food that’s in season in your area and plays off the local cuisine.

If you don’t have local options like that, you can look online for services. There are tons of services available with a variety of pricing, meal plan options, and specialties. Look for the one that will suit your needs and your budget bets, and get eating!

Discover the Healthiest Meal Delivery Services

There’s a reason meal delivery services are so popular. They make eating healthy, delicious meals at home a snap. And you may be able to find some of the healthiest meal delivery services right in your area!

If you’d like to start a fantastic meal delivery service right in the San Diego area, check out the rest of our site at Lean Tasty. We have chef-prepared meals with no gluten, added fats, refined sugars, or other unhealthy fillers. Choose your meals and get cooking better today!