How to Stick to Keto When You Don’t Have Time to Meal Prep

A huge obstacle to successful dieting is the fact that our eating habits are deeply ingrained in our lives. Sure, a new diet seems doable on paper, but actually sticking to new dietary restrictions and spending time doing meal prep is where people get caught up.

This is especially true when you’re busy with work, school, family, and friends. When people want to go out to eat, you may not be able to stay strong. We’re going to talk about the keto diet and keto meal prep in this article.

Our keto meal prep plan in San Diego is to give you some excellent keto tips that will reinforce your ability to pull through and diet successfully.

Keto Meal Plan Tips: How to Make Your Diet Work

We’re going to run through a few solid tips that cover a few different areas of concern. Any change in behavior is going to come with a little push-back from your body and mind.

You might crave some carb-heavy foods, slip up once in a while, or you might wonder why you started dieting in the first place. All these things are amplified by the fact that most of the readily available food on the market doesn’t hold up to keto standards.

Remember that your diet should consist of roughly 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5-10 percent carbohydrates. The idea is that, when separated from high carbohydrate intake, our bodies go into a state of ketosis. Proper keto meal prep is sure to help you achieve this goal.

Ketosis is the process of turning materials from our fat stores into energy. This means that we’re using existing fat and refraining from adding more.

You must stay in ketosis for results to come, though, so slip-ups can set you back a good deal. Here are a few ways to prevent yourself from slipping up:

1. Truly Understand the Keto Diet

People who jump into a diet with little knowledge about it are typically bound to fail.

Imagine yourself running late for work, feeling a little hungry, scrambling to find a gas station or restaurant to buy food from before work, and trying to stick to your diet.

Unless you know precisely which foods you’re looking for, you’re going to resort to the greasiest, carb-filled sandwich on the hot trays. It’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of a diet before you even start it.

Make a list of foods that you typically eat when you’re out and about. Separate these into the categories of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Stick to those foods when you’re at the menu and only eat them in the proportions that the keto diet dictates.

Having a list of foods that you can eat as well as the rough amounts of those foods that you can take in will help you greatly as you try to navigate a world full of wildly unhealthy, carb-filled foods. This is where our San Diego meal prep can really help.

2. Remember Your Reasons for Going Keto

As we mentioned before, your body and mind could get a little angry when you first start your diet. Our bodies are trained to adapt to changes in diet, behavior, and environment. They also get used to these changes if they prove to be sustainable, which leads them to resist new changes even if they’re positive ones.

So, although you’re doing something good for yourself, you’ll feel a little bit of resistance from your body.

The body is a compelling thing, too, so it will be tough to get through initial cravings and thoughts of quitting. In trying times, make sure to think hard about the reasons you had for trying to eat differently in the first place.

Whether you just wanted to feel better, lose weight, or accomplish something for yourself, write out your reasons very clearly and keep them on hand. You could even list your motivators on the same page as the list of foods you’re allowing yourself to eat.

While it may not feel like the reasons you had are valid enough to keep going forward, just try to stick it through. You truly wanted to start a diet, and your reasons for doing so were compelling when you started. If it doesn’t feel like you need to follow through now, it’s likely that you’ll regret the decision to stop later.

Those old reasons will come back around in a month or two and you’ll be starting up a new diet. So, to get moving forward now instead of going back and forth, do your best to stay true to your decision.

3. Work With a Keto Food Prep Team

If you have all the safeguards listed above in place, there are still times when you have to eat quickly and don’t have time to prepare keto-friendly meals.

When you’ve gone so long just eating whatever was available, it can be hard to make the habit of doing keto meal prep. If you forget to prepare a meal and you’re late for work, you might just have to reach for something off-diet to fill your craving.

One way to get around this is by working with a keto meal prep San Diego team or company that can provide you with Keto meals delivered to your door. Trying to cook your keto meals might be difficult at first, as you don’t have the recipes down and your cooking skills revolve around dishes that you can no longer eat.

Dealing with a food prep team company that has keto meal prep services can help you get past all apprehension about “diet food” because they whip up excellent, nutritious meals that fall under the umbrella of foods that you can eat on any diet.

If you’re curious about what these services are and how well they work, just give them a shot. There’s no harm in taking part in a little trial period before you really dig into your diet.

At the very least, it may be helpful to have a few pre-made meals in the fridge in your times of need.

Starting Up a Keto Diet?

Hopefully, these keto tips have given you a little more confidence to move forward with your diet.

If you’re looking for more information on particular diets, or want to explore your meal prep options, explore our site for a deeper understanding of the subject.