Top 5 Keto Mistakes To Avoid

In simple terms, a keto diet refers to reducing your carb intake and increasing fats in your diet. This leads your body to consume its stored fats as the main source of energy and this in turn results in weight loss without actually starving. Keto diet has many benefits ranging from reducing your appetite to in fact reversing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and it is massively popular for a reason.

However, despite countless keto plans only a Google search away, many people struggle with their keto diets and the dos and don’ts of it. In this piece, we discuss the top 5 keto mistakes to avoid in your keto diet to make it more effective. So, let’s get started.

1. Consuming Too Much Dairy

Dairy is arguably the trickiest food source in the keto diet. Dairy products are generally fat-rich and anybody can fool themselves into believing that they can have all the butter, cheese, and cream they want. But, like most things, not all dairy is equal and keto is certainly not a path filled with ice-cream leading to a dream body and health.

If the dairy you are consuming has carbs coming from lactose and has plenty of added sugar, my friend you are doomed. Therefore, consuming too much dairy in the form of carb-rich dairies like flavored milk or ice-cream is certainly a mistake to avoid. Instead, you need to go with things like cheese and plain milk, and that too in conservative amounts.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation has been liked to higher sugar cravings and stress levels. It has been found that a sleepless night is more likely to make you reach for junk food in the form of a pizza than a more healthy food choice. Stress can also set our bodies into fat-storing modes.

Therefore, if you want the best result and an easy ride with your keto diet do get good sleep.

3. Eating Wrong Fats

The license to consume fats while on a keto diet does not mean that you can consume fats in every form. Processed vegetable oils in foods such as margarine, mayonnaise, and cookies are some of the worst fats you can eat while on a keto diet. These fats are also called trans-fats. However, the good news is that the FDA has worked to gradually remove these fats from processed foods.

The intention should be to eat the RIGHT fats such as animal fats and monosaturated fats in the form of nuts, avocado, canola oil, olive oil, etc.

4. Not Counting Calories

Look, it all looks plain and simple of having high-fat foods and eating your way to a healthy lifestyle. But, one basic principle which still applies is that you ought to eat fewer calories than you burn. Yes, keto diets increase your metabolism and increase the number of calories your burn, but what if you end up eating 4000 calories per day and burn only 2000.

Thus, avoid the mistake of not keep a count on your calories. You still have to hit a negative calorie balance for you to lose weight.

5. Too Much Snacking

Keto diets are generally satiating and should keep you full during the day. But, it is hard to find such perfect fats and people resort to snacking. Too much snacking can lead to increased caloric intake and this can prevent your body from going into that stored-fat burning process a keto diet is supposed to do.

Therefore, you need to avoid too much snacking while on your keto diet.

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5 Proven Benefits of A Vegan Diet

Vegetarianism can be traced back to ancient times. But, it was not until the last century that substantial work was done on finding the real reason behind the effectiveness of veganism. Vegan is a buzzword these days and when this happens a lot of myths also start to pop up. Therefore, it is imperative that we separate the truth from fiction.

In this article, we discuss five proven science-based benefits of a vegan diet. Let’s discuss:

1. Helps Lose Weight

One of the biggest reasons behind people turning to veganism has been its effectiveness in losing weight. It has been long known that plant-based diets contain low or no fats. Moreover, a similar quantity of vegan diet contains much lower calories as compared to any other diet. Therefore, a vegan diet can help you lose weight effectively.

A study conducted by Dr. Macknin et al found that the group on a vegan diet lost 6.7 pounds (3.1 kg) over a four-week period. This was 197% more than the group on the American Heart Association (AHA) diet.

2. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and kale are rich in dietary fibers and contain magnesium. Dietary fibers slow the sugar absorption and this improves blood sugar levels. This has not only been found to improve blood sugar numbers in diabetic patients but also to protect against the risk of type 2 diabetes.

3. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Coronary artery disease has long been known to be due to cholesterol deposit buildup in the arteries. This is also associated with high blood pressure. Heart disease finds a close association with the dietary intake of cholesterol in the form of meat, fat, and carbohydrates.

Studies have found that vegans have a 75% lower chance of developing high blood pressure and around 40% lesser chance of eventually dying from heart disease.

4. Keeps Brain Strong

Studies have found that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can slow down the progression of cognitive impairment and dementia.

They say it is the presence of polyphenols in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables that prevents the progression of cognitive decline and ultimately Alzheimer’s disease in vegans.

5. Protects Against Cancer

Bad dietary habits have long been associated with the risk of developing different types of cancer. Various studies have found that consuming plant-based diets can lower the chances of developing different cancers.

For example, one study found that consuming dietary legumes reduced the risk of developing colorectal cancer by about 18%. Moreover, a large study found that non-vegan men had 35% more chances of developing prostate cancer than vegan men. Besides, vegan has also been associated with lower chances of breast cancer in women.

The American Institute for Cancer Research says that fruits and vegetables are the best sources of cancer-protective nutrients including vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

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4 Reasons Why Proteins Will Help You Lose Weight

Most diet plans out there either work on reducing your appetite or reducing the number of calories you take. But, are these methods really the healthy way of losing weight? What if you lose more muscle than fat?

Protein is not the first thing that comes into our minds when we talk about weight loss. However, research has shown that a high-protein diet can not only help you lose body fat, it also goes a long way in maintaining your muscle mass. And that is not the only way protein helps in your healthy and effective weight loss plan. Below are the top four reasons why proteins can help you lose weight healthily.

1. Increased Satiety

Proteins have higher satiating powers than fat or carbohydrates. Therefore, it is quite convenient to say that an increased intake of protein can lead to less caloric consumption and ultimately weight loss.

Furthermore, it has been noted that the intake of animal proteins such as lean meat results in more energy spending than plant-based proteins. Another study has also shown that having a protein-rich breakfast provides better satiety and that it does not lead to overeating in the evening often associated with breakfast-skipping.

Proteins have also been found to cause the production of satiating hormones such as GLP-1, CCK, and PPY.

2. Increased Calorie Burning

The thermic effect of food (ETF) refers to the number of calories needed to digest and metabolize a food component. It has been found that proteins have a much higher ETF than fats and carbohydrates. In some cases, it has been associated with more than 20-30% higher ETF.

In addition to this, protein also leads to a better metabolism, and thus you burn more calories even when you sleep. Studies have shown that a higher metabolic rate associated with protein can burn as many as 80-100 more calories per day.

Therefore, it can be said that with increased satiety and better metabolism, you not only consume fewer calories but also burn them more efficiently. Ask any nutritionist and they will say it is the best combination you can have in your weight loss journey.

3. Lower Fat Storage

Insulin is one hormone that is released to metabolize carbohydrates. It moves glucose and other carbohydrates from the blood into the cells where they are either used as fuel or are stored as fat.

A high-protein diet, on the other hand, initiates little insulin production. This, therefore, ultimately leads to lower fat storage in the cells. It has also been found that a higher-protein diet leads to better production of fat-metabolizing hormones such as epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These hormones ultimately lead to fat burning and weight loss.

4. Preservation of Lean Muscles
Another reason to include more proteins in your weight loss strategy is the preservation of muscles. Calorie restriction not only induces fat burning but it also leads to muscle wastage, and believe me that it is the last thing you want. However, if you have a protein-rich diet, it will not only prevent muscle wastage but will also repair and build muscle mass.

Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that taking higher protein does not in itself ensure muscle build, it has to be accompanied by exercise and strength training.
These are 4 ways proteins can help you lose weight. If you are looking for easy and tasty solutions to your protein needs, Lean & Tasty the best meal prep service in San Diego has many protein-rich dishes to choose from.

5 Common Myths About Meal Prep

Meal prep is the answer to a lot of today’s busy lifestyle worries. It can help you eat healthier, save time and money, and reduce stress related to the abrupt food choices. However, as meal prepping has started to find roots in people’s lives, so have some misconceptions and myths. Nonetheless, some of these are genuine concerns for beginners and others are just way too absurd to be true.

In this article, we discuss 5 of the most common myths about meal prep and if they have any solid ground to be true. Let’s find out:

1. It’s Time Consuming

One of the general misconceptions about meal prep is that it is time-consuming. Meal prepping usually takes about three to four hours of your time per week. Now compare this to all the time you spend ordering takeaways or sitting in a restaurant waiting for the food. If you will add up all those minutes over the week, you will get a number much bigger than the time needed for meal prepping.

Want to know the best part? There are meal prep services in San Diego that work on the same principle of meal prepping and you just have to order ahead of time and you receive your order for the week, isn’t that cool!

2. It’s Complicated and Overwhelming

The second myth about meal prep is that it is complicated. Ask people who say this and they would probably say, “I don’t know but it seems complicated”. We agree it may look complicated from the outside with all the different recipes, calorie counts, ingredients, and eating schedules. However, this is what makes your life more simple.

You are adding organization and thought to your eating habits. By batching all of the activities at once, you may it much more simple to tackle.

3. It’s Expensive

Meal prep maybe is more expensive than your Big Mac’s and Filet-O-Fish’s, but are they on your ideal diet plan? I hope not.

Another of the common myths about meal prep is that it is expensive. People who say this believe that you need to do long grocery shopping sprees to purchase all you need for meal prep. All those recipes mentioned on the internet need fancy ingredients and they are not cheap.

We mean to tell you that nothing can be farthest from the truth. Meal prepping is not about adding all things from a food pyramid. It is simple and you can just use a few ingredients to come up with effective foods.

Simply put, meal prep overall costs you less. In fact, San Diego meal prep company, Lean & Tasty, can deliver meal plans for as low as $49.95 for the week.

4. Prepared Meals Lose Taste

Prepared and stored meals only lose taste if they had substandard ingredients, or have bad storage.

As long as you use airtight containers and fresh ingredients, and allow the food to cool down before placing it in the fridge, the food will remain fine and taste as good as fresh for at least a week.

5. You Have to Do It Yourself

Although the basic concept of meal prepping started with the people doing it themselves, meal prep has lately given rise to a new sub-industry.

These are meal prep delivery services. They have different plans at their menu and these incorporate various dishes and deliver your meal prep orders at your doorstep.

These services are especially taste-savers for those people who want to introduce meal prep but aren’t necessarily best of chefs themselves.

Find out how San Diego Meal Prep services might be the perfect solution for you.

How Does Home Meal Prep Delivery Service Work

Meal prep delivery services have seen enormous growth ever since their first introduction. Although people have been meal prepping at home for many years, these services provide so many benefits that the growth has continued in many parts of the country. Meal prep delivery allows you to save time, allows you to explore different recipes within the comfort of your home, and we are also seeing that it can actually save you money. Above all, there are professionals such as chefs and nutritionists working with these services who can make recipes specific to your needs.


Types of Meal Prep Delivery Services

There are two main types of meal prep delivery services and a company may offer you both or one of these two.

1. Meal Kit Delivery

Meal kit delivery delivers all of the raw ingredients chopped and prepped with cooking instructions you need to cook a meal at home. This is basically for someone who wants a fresh and hot meal cooked at home, but wants to save time on all the chopping and prepping.

2. Full Meal Delivery

Meal delivery offers fully prepared meals to your doorstep. These meals just need to be heated and they are ready to go. Many services also offer salads and other foods that are packaged and ready to go. You can use this service for one day or can have the meal prep service deliver you a week’s worth of meals.

Lean & Tasty is one such service that delivers prepared meals in San Diego.

How A Meal Prep Delivery Service Works

A meal prep delivery service works in the following steps:

1. Customer Goes Online and Chooses Meals

Different meal prep services offer different kinds of meals. They provide their sample menus online and these include all the different types of cuisines they offer. You can also look for the fact if the menu changes biweekly or monthly. Some services have pre-set menus for different people according to their diet plans.

For example, at Lean & Tasty, our menu includes meal plans such as balanced meals that change every two weeks and include a variety of meals. We also have vegan meals and workout meals among others.

So, in this first step, the customer goes to the online menu of delivery service and chooses what he/she would like delivered.

2. Order Received and Meals Prepared

In this step, the delivery company gets the order with all the different preferences. Usually, companies tend to set up a deadline for orders to be placed if they are needed to be delivered before a certain day/time. This is because meal prepping involves meals prepared and delivered in batches and this gives the companies the time they need to deliver these batches. If meal preparation is from a trusted company they would be open about the conditions and ingredients they use. At Lean & Tasty, we use gluten-free, GMO-free, and antibiotic-free ingredients and utilize the bare minimum amounts of preservatives.

3. Doorstep Delivery

After the meals are prepared, they are delivered to the customer’s doorstep. If it is a weekly delivery, it usually happens on the weekend. They are usually delivered in airtight containers and this keeps the meals fresh and tasting good even after around a week’s fridge storage.

There you go, that’s how a home meal prep delivery service works.

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5 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Works

Intermittent fasting (IF) refers to any eating pattern that cycles between a period of caloric consumption and a bigger period of no or very limited caloric intake.

There are some popular ways to do it. However, the most common one involves eight hours of eating and 16 hours of voluntary fasting.

IF has been established to be mighty effective in weight loss. In other advantages, it lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

We went on a research spree and detail below our findings on why intermittent fasting actually works.

1. Reduced Caloric Intake

Although intermittent fasting does not specify any number of calories to be taken, you invariably end up intaking less calories.

Isn’t it logical to say that you will eat fewer calories in eight hours than if you had been grazing all day?

Reduced caloric intake has been known to be at the core of any weight loss strategy and has other health benefits such as slowing the aging process.

2. Triggers Fast Burning

After around 12 hours into any fast, the body shifts from consuming glucose to burning fat.

This shift is triggered by lowered insulin levels in the body. Fat burning leads to decreased fat masses within the body and eventual weight loss.

Intermittent fasting has been known to effectively decrease belly fat.

3. Boosts Metabolism

Studies have shown that fasting leads to increasing your metabolic rate.

An increased metabolic rate means that the body’s working requires more calories. This increased demand for calories leads to glucose consumption at first and then the body resorts to body fat.

This is one of the reasons why intermittent fasting is an effective strategy for weight loss. However, it must be noted that fasting for too long can lead to muscle loss rather than fat loss.

4. Lowers Insulin Level

Insulin is the hormone responsible for driving glucose into the cells. Insulin levels are regulated to match the amount of glucose in the blood. So, it is high after a meal and low between meals. As it is secreted after a meal, eating throughout the day keeps insulin high most of the time.

Constantly high insulin levels may desensitize body tissues causing insulin insensitivity. This is the hallmark of prediabetes and diabetes type 2.

In intermittent fasting, the insulin levels are kept low and this reduces diabetes risk.

5. Convenient

Intermittent fasting is convenient to do. As opposed to other forms of diets and eating strategies, IF does not necessarily require you to stop eating any specific kind of food.

You can essentially continue to eat whatever you have been eating. You just need to change your routine.

We sometimes do intermittent fasting unintentionally, such as when we ate the night before and didn’t have time to do breakfast before going to school or work. However, to achieve real benefits from IF you need to be consistent, no one-time thing.

There is no hard and fast rule and you can tailor it according to your preferences.

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Most Popular Foods for San Diego Meal Delivery During Covid 19

Food delivery is one of our go-to options when we’re feeling too lazy to prepare our own meals after a hard day’s work. In today’s pandemic climate, food delivery has played a critical role for people to eat their favorites conveniently due to quarantine restrictions and restaurants closing down. We tip our hats to food preparation and delivery workers out there risking their hide so that we can eat in the comfort of our homes. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most popular and healthy foods that people in San Diego order for delivery.

  1. Mexican Food

In San Diego, Mexican food is iconic and a staple food for so many occasions. However, with more people choosing to say inside, the numerous amazing Mexican restaurants in San Diego aren’t being visited as much. Even so, this isn’t stopping the people from scratching their itch. With our meal delivery service in San Diego, you can still get delicious Mexican dishes:

  1. Vegan Food

Veganism has seen a rise in San Diego, especially as more people are becoming more aware of the environmental damage that the meat industry causes. In San Diego, vegan-friendly food has been one of the most ordered for delivery during this pandemic. Here are some of the top ordered Vegan meals.

  1. Salads

Salads are also a very popular delivery meal in San Diego due to it being very simple and fast to make. You won’t have to wait long to receive your salad, and they are also very healthy for you. Many of us will need as many vitamins and nutrients that salads provide while we’re stuck inside. Below are some of the most ordered salads in San Diego.


In times of crisis like we are facing with the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to remain healthy and eat properly. One way to do this is by ordering real, healthy foods instead of fast food. By reading this article, we hope that you’ve seen what type of foods you can conveniently order in San Diego and still have a healthy diet.

Fast Dinner Ideas and Tips to Save Time After a Long Day of Work

Getting home after a long day on the job typically results in one activity: sitting on the couch and watching TV. The last thing you want to do is get up and figure out what you even have to make a meal.

Making your dinner shouldn’t be a hassle. To stay on track with healthy eating, having food ready to go is key.

We’re here to show you how to save time and energy by meal prepping, so you can have food ready to go all week. Keep reading to discover some fast dinner ideas and tips.

Planning Ahead

Sitting down and planning out what you need for a week’s worth of super fast dinner ideas is way easier than it sounds, and it saves you the heartache of not being able to make a recipe because you’re missing ingredients.

This will keep you from going to the store more than you need to, and it will also keep you on track to eat the healthier options you planned for. It is a lot more simple than it sounds! Jot down each meal you want for the week on a piece of paper, and write out all of the ingredients.

Writing down everything you need is the best way to stay on track when you go shopping and will help you sort out the meals during the week.

Meal Prep

Taking the time at least once a week to prepare your meals and snacks ahead of time will save you so much energy. No one wants to spend 30 minutes to an hour making something from scratch every night. Here are some tips to help you save time with fast weeknight dinner ideas.

1. Pre-Cut Fruits and Berries

Having all of your fruit rinsed, cut, and ready to eat is a great way to incorporate them into your meals. This includes fruits like strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and especially bananas because they brown so quickly.

2. Prep Meals and Have a Slow Cooker Going

To make the most of your time in the kitchen, try throwing a recipe in a crockpot and letting that cook while you prep other meals. This way, you double up on your time.

3. Cut and Dice Veggies Ahead of Time

Taking care of the vegetables all at once will make cooking a breeze. Once you have everything you need to be rinsed and cut up, putting them in storage containers will keep them fresh until they need to be used.

4. Cook Two Nights Worth

Even though you may have only expected to cook for one meal, having leftovers to store in the fridge is always a fast dinner idea. All you have to do is save what is left and reheat it later in the week!

Fast Dinner Ideas: The Best of Tips

Sometimes, even preparing your food can be a hassle—after all, you’re a busy person. This is why signing up for a meal delivery service might be the best option for you. Here at Lean & Tasty, we do everything for you. All you have to do at the end of a long day is reach for your prepared meal and feel your best. Check out our menu for some amazing meals.

7 Meal Planning Ideas for Weight Loss and Overall Health

Meal planning doesn’t take nearly as much energy as you think. If you love having extra time on your hands, then you will fall head-over-heels for meal planning.

Being a busy person doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of yourself. Meal planning exists to free up all that time you spend in the kitchen figuring out what you even have to make. Not having a plan for the week can lead to temptation foods that offer you no benefits.

Keep reading to find the best meal planning ideas for overall health and losing weight.

1. Pick Meals for a Week at a Time

When trying to stay on track with your health, one major factor in losing weight is keeping your diet healthy and controlled. It is so hard staying in line with your goals when it seems like there is no time in the day to cook.

Choosing what you want to eat ahead of time will help you see the big picture, and help you reach your weight loss goal. Try writing down a list of the meals you want to have for each day of the week, and compile all of the needed ingredients, this will help you go to the store one time instead of four.

2. Cook in Big Batches

Cooking your food in large batches helps you on track during the week when you need quick and easy lunches, dinners, or even breakfast meals. A couple of healthy examples could be pot roast or even a baked dish.

3. Freeze Meals

If you take part in meal prepping, storing your leftovers in the freezer will keep them stored for whenever you need a quick meal. This can apply to fruit for smoothies or normal meals.

4. Use a Variety of Food

Try something new that isn’t too challenging, whether that be a new spice or a veggie you haven’t had yet. This way you don’t get burnt out on the day-to-day stuff and you can keep up eating healthy in a sustainable way.

5. Include veggies

Always mix veggies into your meals to make sure you are getting all of the benefits they can offer you. After all, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Try roasting a batch of your favorite vegetables with different seasonings and portioning it out for a few meals during the week.

6. Only Cook What You Need

Don’t cook an excessive amount of food that won’t get eaten. Americans discard nearly 40 million tons of food every year. That means millions of dollars are wasted on food that doesn’t get eaten. Be sure to freeze what you can’t eat and plan out when you can incorporate that food into your meals.

7. Meal Planning Service

Planning can be hard when you don’t always know your schedule. It can seem overwhelming to plan out seven days’ worth of food, but that is why meal delivery services exist.

Find a local meal delivery service that can fit all of your needs from hitting weight loss goals, to managing your health priorities.

Meal Planning Ideas Are Worth It

Finding healthy foods and the time to even cook them can be a pain when you are constantly on the go. That is why Lean & Tasty does all of the preplanning and prepping for you. Your health and well-being should be the top priority, so using these meal planning ideas will help take the weight off your shoulders. Check out our healthy menu for more information about our meals.

5 Ways Your Diet Can Affect Your Workouts

Are you going to the gym every day and not seeing any results or losing any weight? You would be surprised to find out that a lot of people face the same problem. Maybe you did not know this but the foods you eat have a huge impact on your workouts.

Not only has eating healthy been proven to improve health by reducing the risk of developing diabetes, obesity, and other diseases, but it also helps us have a better mood, lose a few pounds, as well as reduce body fat. To help you achieve your fitness goals faster, we have put together a list of 5 ways in which your diet can affect your gym performance.

  1. Low energy

If you think that drinking a chocolate frappuccino before your workout will make you feel more energized then try having a second thought. Having an unhealthy diet based on junk food and sugary treats will not provide you with all the nutrients you need in order to maintain a normal energy level, thus making your workout sessions less productive.

Food is fuel for your body, so you want to make sure to only consume foods that are healthy and dense in nutrients, such as lean proteins, essential fats, healthy carbohydrates, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. If you are looking for low-calorie meal plans in San Diego, you must try our delivery service. Our low-calorie meals prepared by Chef Leo will ensure you get the right foods to keep your workouts going.

  1. No motivation

We all know how difficult it is to keep going to the gym when we have no motivation. Most of the time you probably blame this on a variety of things, but have you ever thought that your poor diet is the main thing that makes you lose motivation?

Choosing the right meals is crucial. Not getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and well-balanced insulin levels will not help you see many results from your workout sessions and will lower your motivation.

  1. Gaining weight

You would think that exercising for a few hours every day is enough to help you achieve your ideal weight. Well, it is not quite like that. The best-proven way to safely and reliably lose weight is to work out regularly while also eating a balanced and healthy diet.

The way this works is you have to burn off more calories each day than you get from your food. It is obvious that eating processed, high-calorie foods will make it harder for you to work out at your full potential.

  1. Low immune system

If you feed your body fatty and sugary foods on a daily basis your body will not be able to keep away germs and viruses, and it will make it more difficult to stay healthy when exercising often. Some foods are very rich in antioxidants and minerals that increase our metabolism to burn fat more efficiently.

Choose Lean & Tasty to get the freshest, healthiest customized meals with low amounts of additives, no GMO’s, no hormones or antibiotics, and no gluten delivered straight to your door if you live in San Diego.

  1. Bad mood

It is near impossible to work out when you are in a bad mood, and your mood is highly influenced by the foods you eat. Understanding what foods to eat in order to lift your mood is the first step to improving your gym performance.

Although ice cream, chocolate, or the cake might improve your mood for a moment, it will likely be only temporary. Some of the foods you should add to your diet to make you feel ready for a workout are nuts, oily fish, oats, bananas, spinach, and many more. The San Diego meal plans Lean & Tasty offers include most of these aliments that will lighten up your mood.

Now that you know how your diet can affect your performance when working out, you can start planning out your meals more and include healthy food options, while staying away from processed, fatty, and sugary junk food.