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Eating Healthy the Lean & Tasty Way

With all the hustle and bustle going on around us, it becomes more challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle, let alone eat healthy and lose weight. Fortunately, through a reliable meal delivery service like Lean & Tasty, we can remain productive with our work, studies, and other responsibilities while pursuing healthy eating. Keep reading to […]

More Then Just a Meal – San Diego Meal Company

San Diego Meal Company Sadly, the USA is regarded as one of the top countries in the world when it comes to overweight and obesity problems. In California alone, for instance, the Center for Disease Control notes that over 25% of adults are obese. Conversely, more than 35% have also been recorded as overweight. These […]

Top 3 Weekly Meal Plan Types To Boost A Healthy Diet

Weekly Meal Plan Types Planning your weekly meals may be easy, but actually preparing and cooking them can be impossible for some. Whether it’s due to our busy lifestyles or general cooking capabilities — it can be a burden to cook meals at times. What’s even more challenging is preparing healthy meals, especially if we […]

The Benefits of Eating a Gluten-Free Diet

Does going on to a gluten-free diet carry any real benefits? Should I go on a gluten-free diet even if I don’t have celiac disease? These are the sort of questions anybody can have if they have just become familiar with the much-talked “gluten”. Gluten basically refers to a class of proteins that are found […]

Eating Healthy Instead of Fad Diets for Weight Loss

It is very easy to fall for fad diets these days when you turn to the internet for a diet plan to lose weight. It seems like every other person is fond of one fad diet or the other. But, do fad diets produce genuine results, are these results sustainable, and are they a healthy […]

Why Using Fresh Ingredients Is Better

Lean & Tasty takes pride in delivering pre-made meals in San Diego that are prepared every day with fresh ingredients. You probably know using fresh ingredients is better than using processed ingredients. However, the whole scope covering the importance of using fresh ingredients might surprise you. Below, we will go over some of the reasons […]

4 Food Types That Are Bad For Your Gut Health

Recent studies have shown that our digestive system is host to a number of microorganisms and they play an important role in our body functions. Combined, these microorganisms constitute what is known as the microbiota/flora of the gut. However, the normal composition of this flora is susceptible to a lot of factors including but not […]

A Brief Overview of Warrior Diet (20/4 Fasting)

Intermittent fasting (IF) has become a widely popular diet and among many reasons behind its popularity is its versatility. This can both in terms of what you eat and at what time you eat. One popular variant of IF is Warrior Diet. This diet finds its roots as far back as the earliest human civilizations […]

7 Ways to Do Meal Prepping on a Budget

Meal prepping already goes a long way in saving you money and simplifying your life. What if you can make it even better and do it even on a tighter budget?  Below are 7 simple ways that will help you do meal prepping on a budget. So, let’s get started. 1. Make A List – […]

Mindset for Healthy Eating In Holidays

We are officially in the holiday season and who does not love holidays. However, admit it, even somebody, who is not working on health, wellness, or weight loss goals, can feel a bit stressed during holidays. There is a lot of partying and socializing, and cookies, desserts, and wines are everywhere. So, how can we […]