5 Paleo-Friendly Food Delivery Services in San Diego

You may be sticking to a paleo diet for health reasons or to help reach your weight-loss goals. Whatever the reason, strict rules can be hard to follow, especially if you don’t have the same options as other people do, like food delivery.

Discipline and hard work are involved, even with the laxest of diets, so one like paleo can be your downfall on busy days when you don’t have time to cook. If that’s the case, finding solutions before it happens can be the answer.

Here are 5 paleo food delivery services in San Diego that you can try, including one that stands out from the others. Take a look.

1. Local Restaurants

One way to get paleo food delivery San Diego is to order from local services. Buying from pop-up shops and entrepreneurship means you’re supporting a specific person and their family, instead of a CEO’s six-figure salary like with a national chain.

They also have a stake in the local economy and community, as you do, so you have something in common. You’re more likely to be comfortable supporting a restaurant owner who you know shares some values with you, than large chains where you can’t even talk to someone about their values.

Your dollars will support the local business, and key studies (including one in Maine) have found the local businesses reinvest more than half that money back into the local economy. They also provide jobs for local individuals, ones where the employer cares about their people, rather than the nameless, faceless entities that are big chain employers.

Some local eateries can be limited to paleo delivery personnel in San Diego, so maybe delayed and food could arrive cold. Under-resourced dining options aren’t always the best when you’re hungry now.

Local restaurants aren’t always precise about paleo standards if they’re not used to making that type of food. You may order a meal because it’s advertised as paleo, but they use corn syrup or another form of sweetener they didn’t think counted as sugar. Make sure the eatery provides what you need before you order.

2. National Chains

National chains have proven track records with names you recognize. You also get food that always tastes as you expect it to, unlike the local restaurant. They may have spicier dishes depending on the person who’s cooking.

National chains have guarantees smaller restaurants can’t always provide. While some places offer you a total refund if you didn’t like the food, smaller businesses may not afford to do more than give you a discount when food doesn’t meet expectations. Going for a national chain when you’re on a paleo diet may help you find reimbursement when things aren’t how you hoped.

Some national chains can offer cheaper meals than smaller businesses. Paleo eating can get expensive, so saving money wherever you can is essential. National chains can raise prices by a few cents in another part of the country to make local deals possible in your geographic area.

Local businesses don’t always have the assets to adjust for discounts like big chains can. Yet national chain stores can’t consistently deliver the same quality and taste you’d expect from a local paleo food delivery service in San Diego that puts more care into each meal. You also can’t tell where your dollars are going, because they may get siphoned to another geographic area to support undercutting sales.

3. Grocery Stores

Some grocery stores provide paleo food delivery in San Diego, and if they don’t, many works with services that shop for you and deliver to your door. For that reason, ordering paleo meals from the frozen or deli sections at your grocery store may be a reliable way to get the food you need right away.

Often you’ve been to these stores before, so you know what they carry and what specific items you want to be delivered. That makes shopping online for your paleo choices easier, instead of having to peruse a menu you’ve never seen before and make choices based on a description or a blurry picture.

The grocery stores also know that having an app dedicated to shopping for fresh food delivery makes a huge difference for their shoppers, so they’ve often developed one that streamlines the process.

However, ordering from the grocery store can have long wait times, or no paleo delivery San Diego options until the next day. That doesn’t help you order your next meal right now. Another problem is that some stores still only offer pickup instead of delivery.

Finally, if you haven’t been to the store before, you can’t be sure what paleo foods they carry. Stores don’t always have specialized food in stock, so you may be taking a gamble that they’ll carry it when what you need is reliability.

4. Regular Meals, Revised

You can try ordering meals from regular paleo meal delivery services in San Diego and asking for substitutions or revisions. Yet this doesn’t usually turn out very well. Many companies can’t get special requests right, even if they invite you to their jingle.

It’s also hard to know what ingredients they put in their food, so making the right requests isn’t in your skillset without that information.

5. The Best Paleo Food Delivery Service in San Diego

The best option for getting paleo meal delivery San Diego right to your door is to call on paleo-focused companies. Companies like Lean & Tasty specialize in paleo diet foods, and they know the rules you’re trying to follow. That means they get it right without you having to worry about whether there are ingredients you’re not supposed to eat.

Businesses that focus specifically on this type of food also know that you need them as much as they need you, their customers because you don’t have many other options. They’re dedicated to serving you the most delicious food fast. Your satisfaction is important to them.

Hot Food Right Away

If you’re looking for paleo-friendly food delivery services in San Diego, then local delivery companies, national chains, grocery stores, and regular delivery options can work. But more than likely, they won’t come through when you don’t have the time to cook.

For companies who provide for your paleo needs, share your values, and reinvest in your community, choose a company that specializes in paleo food delivery. Place an order with Lean & Tasty today.